Medar Conference

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The conference is held under the auspices of the
Egyptian minister of CIT, His Excellence, Dr. Tarek Kamel

Travel Support

The following persons have received travel grants:
Shabib M. AlGahtani
Abd el Salam Hajjar
Suhel Jaber (Report)
Id Youss Lahousseine (Report)
Karima Meftouh (Report)
Dina Said

Each travel grant at 450 € was given for travels to students who:

  • had submitted a paper to the conference or
  • had registered for the conference and had a recommendation from their PhD or Master supervisor at the university.

Priority was given to students who could not get funded from their institution or get other funds, to students from outside Egypt, and to students from areas needing greater "financial" support.

By accepting a grant the recipient committed himself to write a report describing his/her current activity (research, etc) and the benefits expected for this activity from the attendance of the event.