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3 existent but only company-internal, 2 existent and freely usable for PreR&D, 1 existent and freely usable for both PreR&D and R&D.
4 more than 10,000 €, 3 1,000 - 10,000 €, 2 100 - 1,000 €, 1 less than 100 € or free
3 black box, 2 glass box (you can see but not change it) 1 freely manipulable

R means for research, C means for commercial use.
For availability = 3 (company internal) other features are irrelevant.

Name of Resource Provider Size Other information Availability, price, manip.
DicNom-SM CNRS 3,122 names fr-ar 3
Arabic World knowledge Sakhr 270K names Database of contemporary Arabic Named entity with their English equivalent 3
Monolingual Arabic POS-tagged corpus Sakhr 1.2 million words Manually tagged for Pos and Named entity 3

MEDAR is supported by the European Commission's ICT programme and is running from
February 1st 2008 until July 31st 2010

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