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The BLARK for Arabic

We define the Basic Language Resource Kit (BLARK) as the minimal set of language resources that is necessary to do any precompetitive research and education at all. The definition is in principle intended to be language independent, but as specific languages do come with different requirements, instantiations of the BLARK may vary in some respects from language to language.

Below you can find links to the BLARK Definition and the BLARK Content for written and for spoken language. The schemes define which HLT modules are needed for which language applications and which language resources are needed for which HLT modules.
The BLARK Content shows which items of the BLARK Definition are actually available. Each item in the BLARK Definition will correspond to a (possibly empty) set of BLARK Content items instantiating the definition item.

Beside the BLARK Definition and the BLARK Content, the BLARK Specification defines the minimal size or characteristics of each type of resource.

Go to the BLARK Definition and BLARK Content:
- for written language
- for spoken language

For more information you can read the BLARK report made by the MEDAR project.

MEDAR is supported by the European Commission's ICT programme and is running from
February 1st 2008 until July 31st 2010

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